Monday, 11 October 2010

Community-based Information System (CBIS)

          The aim of the proposed Community-Based Information System (CBIS): A programme for enriching citizenship is to improve public participation and enhance notions of citizenship, especially among the youth, in an effective and sustainable manner. The purpose of a proposed pilot project is to study the viability and effectiveness of involving schoolchildren, their parents/caretakers, ward committees, municipal administrators, the private sector and local NGOs/CBOs in the collection of information on the neighbourhoods in which they reside through a 'home-to-home' household survey on ward level.
Ultimately, this exercise serves to build a common sense of 'community' and citizenship at large. It also facilitates to empower communities and their local government to better understand and to give appropriate direction to local socio-economic development, service delivery and participatory governance. In this process, the capacity to collect, analyse, interpret, present, disseminate and communicate statistical information will be build among the local stakeholders. An accessible and user-friendly web-based geographical information system will integrate the decentralised (community-based) information to governmental data, research on local government in Africa (best practices and policy, links and discussion platform). The web-portal will also enable communities to actively engage in using data on their own ward and that of other wards in their local municipality. Ways to integrate the Community-Based Information System (CBIS) in the school curriculum will be studied. If viable, the integration of CBIS in children's formal education would imply that information necessary for development planning will be collected annually and statistical capacity building takes place on a recurring basis

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  1. What can i say to definition of CBIS is,it is an information system that uses computer and often telecomunications technology to perform some or all ofits intended tasks. CBIS include hardware, software, database, network, procedure, and people.
    that to provide fast transaction processing, span boundaries and provide support of decision making.