Saturday, 9 October 2010


  During my leisure time, i like to watch movie, sleeping and chatting... i like to watch comedy movie and romantic movie. such as " Lagenda Budak Setan, my girl and i'm not single" these movie make me happy and not feel boring... i like watch movie at home.. it is because i like to stay at home then go to anywhere..
another my hobbies is chatting with my friend. with chating, i can share many story to my friends :').. with chatting, i also can release tansion and have a lot of friends. for example, with facebook, i have many friends. i can know about my friend thought online.. thus, i think, chatting is another ways to make me close with my friends. that is all my activities at my leisure. but, i also fully my time with my family. at weekend, my parents bring me to super market and also rest at sea (Tanjung Balau). i also spent my time to share about my studies to my parents.. any problems that happend, i always share with my family..especially to my brother, because i very close with he..

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